Add a ‘nowrap’ span around last word and following element

This is useful for times where there may be a count value at the end of a title, and you don’t ever want the count to be split from the last word (where it can wrap down to the next line all by itself).

    <sm:set var="_encoded"><sm:out name="_item" /></sm:set> 
    <sm:out name="_encoded" format="none"><sm:transform pattern="^(.*\s)?([^\s]+)$" replaceFirst="$1<span class='nowrap'>$2"/></sm:out>
        <small class="count">${fn:length(_item.value)}</small>
    </span><%-- close the nowrap span that the sm:transform adds --%>

The accompanying CSS style needs to be added for the .nowrap class.

Make block-styled links work in old IE

For when you have a link in your page styled as a block element, and the area of the link is not clickable in IE. Turns out adding a transparent background somehow makes it clickable.

.lte9 & {
    /* Hack because IE doesn't show link as clickable */
    background: url('');

A sure telltale sign is if, when you have a border added, you can click the border but not the interior area. No idea why this happens, probably because IE.